Hema, the Boss of Mottai

I guess my wife Hema saw Manivannan’s feedback this morning – complaining that there were no posts yesterday. She decided to write a post herself.

I am so happy to see folks losing interest in RV’s blog

Ithai Ithaithan Ethirparthen.

Suresh, Manivannan don’t worry. The blog will resume. The Halloween devil just scared him. (Guess who!)


பற்றி RV
Proud father of two daughters. Proud husband of one wife. Fanatical reader of books. Passionate about cricket, movies, tamil film music, hindi film music, chess. Like to read about math. Dream about writing one day. Going to succeed with my technical startup some day. Engineer by profession. Live in Silicon valley (Newark)

2 Responses to Hema, the Boss of Mottai

  1. puratchi rasigan says:

    Just today I formed(found ?) a theory
    that the speed with which a person
    loses his hair is directly proportional
    to “pikkal pudungal” of his wife 🙂

    My wife did not like it.:-)

  2. suresh says:

    Amma pethi,
    peran RV romba nalla ezhuthuran.
    Naangal ellam “pallu” poi, “sollu” poi,
    inniko, nalaiko innu irukkom.

    Antha kalathu padam ellam ippa yaaru
    seendara ?
    Engalukku irukkum ore pozhuthu pokku,
    peran RV ezhuthuvathu thaan.

    eppadiyavathu, oru nalaikku oru thadavayavathu ezhutha sollu.

    uyira kayila pudichukkutu wait pannarom.:-)

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