Not so super,man.

One more review from my niece…

movies-man-of-steel-henry-cavill_1*Pays Rs.160 and buys ticket.*
*Watches movie.*
*Stands at the ticket counter, asking for a refund.*

I just felt like I watched the rip off of every single action film I have ever seen.
With a production budget of $225 million, you’d think they would invest in a good story at the least, but NO. They had to go with the plot of a clichéd Indian movie. Bad guys hunting the hero and his family, hero goes to far off land, bad guys hunt him there, final fight, hero wins and gets the girl too.

There were few things that were good about the film. I believe a majority of the audience was quite disappointed. And so was I. Here is my opinion about it.

Henry Cavill (Clark Kent) looked absolutely amazing but seemed to have a standard expression as shown below, although the part where he screams in the climax is an exception.

The CG was okay but I felt it was way too cluttered and overdone. There was no clear distinction and many parts of it were just a mess. Also, it hurt the eye to watch so much movement in close up, that too with 3D effects.

The dialogues were not up to the mark at all. Rather they were pathetic.
Bad guy to superman: “We have only one choice. Either you die, or I will.” Sure, state the obvious.
I think we all have gotten too used to the sarcastic dialogues and puns of many recent superhero movies that we aren’t able to fathom something that seemed so straightforward. (Which is code for “terrible dialogues”)

The movie was very slow, and completely lacked the vigor and excitement that is expected of a superman film. It was highly predictable which takes away the joy of watching a film. A very weak storyline does not help either.

It can be said that this movie stands alone, and is not a sequel to the Superman saga, and that anyone can watch it. However, I advice against doing so.

Finally, if you are going to watch the movie, you can look forward to Henry Cavill looking great, decent graphics and an enjoyable time passing snide comments on almost every line and frame of the film or a good nap.



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